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Trainer Embedded Security


  • Location The Netherlands
  • Experience Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or others with a proven record for Security Technologies
  • Employment Permanent

For an international Security Lab based in The Netherlands we are are looking for a Security Trainer / Security Analyst.

The lab is specialized in security testing of the security quality of the newest embedded systems. They work with roundabout 100 employees with mostly an academic and technical background.

The job

The organization offers online, open and private trainings on embedded security. The main task of a trainer is to provide training to new & existing customers. The trainers are domain experts with up-to date knowledge of state of the art attacks and tools, who can answer advanced technical questions related to the training content. The  trainers have cross-domain knowledge relate to embedded systems security.

When not delivering trainings you are keeping up-to-date with domain knowledge, incorporate customer feedback on improving the training material or develop new training material. This position gives you the opportunity to travel, as private trainings are typically, done at the customer premises (worldwide).

The Trainer Embedded Security will work on:

  • Providing security training to new and existing customers. Our portfolio includes embedded system security training, embedded automotive security and fault injection.
  • Deliver tutorial / write-ups,  / demos, which raise awareness on the need for device security
  • Develop and update training material and tutorials in order to provide customers useful reference documentation
  • Work together with other trainers to develop and improve the existing training programs.


  • Bachelor or master’s Degree, preferred in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science with strong interest in security (Personal projects, blog, participating in CTF competitions etc.
  • Ability to address difficult challenges and unexpected problems in a diligent, professional manner
  • Pro-active, analytical, motivated to learn, working accurately, patient
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills
  • Prior teaching or presentation experience is a plus.

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